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Mother of god, this trailer is godam god.
someone could have a boner with no aparent reason watching this.
10 ATA 10

you sir, just made my day.
i just typed "Pirates" looking to shake my head laughing and would you look at that
Robo Pirates :D

the guy reminds me a character from Death Note, same crazy style and look i think.

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Hey this is crazy but this is the BEST GAME EVER.
so many song references and that ending killed me haha.
Amazing game CrazyRock.
kinda difficult at the beggining but i manage to finish it under 5 min.
btw, i demand a sequel :3

10 ATA 10

Kolumbo responds:

There will be a sequel/remake soon(ish) :^) <3

Best game ever this year, it got me stuck on the screen for 1 hour, i´m glad i found it here.
Thank you Poxpower, it was a very good time-wasting game.

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plus Favorite

I play this game for months now and still didn´t got bored of it.
one thing that i like is that it is constantly been updated and correcting bugs/errors.
you guys are the first company that do fix bugs wen we actually say that there is a bug.
I´m happy to be a part of SpiralKnights Community :D

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My Fav game on GBA, you sure have some good taste man :)
Fav/vote/rate & commented again

Super awesome man, it gave me the chills, im a huge fan of bosses such as Sephiroth from FF7 and Broly from DBZ, but thats not why i love this song, i like it because its just what i was looking for, i like because its.......well AWESOME and because it remembers me of my childhood wen i used to play so many RPG games on PS1, everytime i was on boss battle i just used to freak out saying "Yeah, come at me bro, i was born to fight you" and i used to sing the boss battle theme too. :D
Good days, Thanks man, and dont mind if we use it in the future =)

i Fav/vote/rate & commented :D
Stay Awesome my friend

NexhasUnleashed responds:

I was the exact same! :P
Go right head and use it man just be sure to link me to what you use it in so I can see how awesome your work is :D

Funny thing is I AM THE MUSIC :D.....i love it

Just a guy who recently started is music life(more or less) on Minecraft

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